Jawa Test Ride

Test rode the Jawa at the Panjim Jawa dealership today. I’m told the test motorcycles in the showrooms across the country are pre-production versions. Fit and finish is pretty good. So I’m expecting the production motorcycles to be even better.

Power: Nothing to rave about. The motorcycle won’t win any drag races. And neither should you want it to. The motorcycle takes its own sweet time to reach100 kmph. But once there it doesn’t feel uncomfortable.

Vibrations: Negligible. 80 kmph is the sweet spot. You can sit on that speed all day.

Gearing: The ratios are spot on. Goes well with the engine character. Gear shifting is very smooth.

Exhaust note: Glorious. Absolutely loved it. The best thing about the motorcycle, apart from the original classic look.

Seat: Absolute shit. A wooden plank would be better. I can’t imagine any normal human being sitting on that seat for a long time. WTF were they thinking?

Suspension: Nice and firm. Designed for good tarmac.

Brakes: Brilliant. The rear wheel which runs a drum brake locks up on demand on tarmac. The front disc brake is quite sharp as well. I would recommend opting for the dual channel ABS version to be launched later in June instead of the single channel rear drum brake one that I test rode.

Would I consider replacing my 2012 Thunderbird 350 with the Jawa? Definitely.

Am I going to? Let’s see. 😬