Making The Time

I dedicate this post to all those people who complain that they can’t find the time to ride. Time isn’t lying somewhere waiting to be found. You need to make the time. I had three hours to spare before my flight back home from Rishikesh. So I rented an Activa, because that was all the hotel could arrange for me at such notice, and went for a breakfast ride along the Ganga.

I must be the only crack pot riding in the freezing cold this morning in Rishikesh without wearing gloves. It was 9 degrees at 7 am. Under such conditions I would normally be wearing my down jacket under my riding jacket for thermal insulation and my raincoat over my riding jacket to break the wind. But today I had just a tshirt and a sweatshirt over it. The scenery was great but after riding for 20 kms I couldn’t feel my right hand. My left hand was nicely tucked inside the pocket of the sweatshirt all the time, reaping the benefits of riding a gearless scooter. I finally decided to stop at a road side dhaba which had a fire running outside. It took a good five minutes for my hand to feel human again, just in time to enjoy the piping hot Maggi noodles that was being cooked for me.