Mi Portable Electric Air Compressor Review

Tested the Mi Portable Electric Air Compressor today. With a full charge this compressor fills the rear tyre of my BMW G310 GS from empty to 28 psi three times before the red light indicating low battery lit up. So that’s good enough for at least three punctures during a day long ride. You can charge the battery in the hotel at night. If you are expecting more than three punctures in a day then I guess you should take up another hobby. 😬
It took a good 6 minutes to fill the tyre from empty to 28 psi, which is not too bad. Build quality is excellent. The compressor is surprisingly much quieter than any other portable compressor I’ve come across. Heat dissipation is great. I held the compressor in my hand for all three fills and it didn’t get hot. The air vents on the sides of the compressor seem to have done a good job. The flexible tube did get hot due to the high temperature of the compressed air flowing through it. So I gave it some time to cool down before the third fill.
It has a neat auto cut off feature. You can set the pressure you need and walk away. The compressor will automatically stop when the desired pressure has been reached.
All this for Rs 2,299. Not bad, I say.