Morning Jog Through Goan Villages

One of my followers has asked me to post a full length unedited video of one of my morning rides through Goan villages. He lives in one of India’s crowded cities and needs to ride at least two hours through noisy traffic just to get out to a rural area. Like many others, he believes he has served his time in the city and has now seriously started thinking about shifting to a more relaxed place. He tells me that my morning and evening jog pics on social media are driving him crazy. 😬

I have decided to oblige. Here is a 15 minute long video which doesn’t have anything out of the ordinary. For a Goan or someone already living in a rural place it will most probably be a boring watch.

One thing to note. The litter you see on the road near the water bodies is due to last night’s Ganpati visarjan, which should be cleaned up soon. These villages are usually kept clean and its a joy to ride through them without any trace of pollution whatsoever.