My Triumph Experience

My 2015 Triumph Tiger 800 XRx is 2.5 years old and just last week I had the first proper issue with it. The spark plug of cylinder 1 started to short and the engine started dying on me. The technician from Shaman Triumph was supposed to visit Goa to service some other Triumph motorcycles and I decided to wait for him instead of trying to diagnose and fix the problem myself. Oddly, all three spark plugs were replaced during the recent 20,000 service. I plan on keeping a couple of spare plugs just in case the other two decide to pack up as well.

My experience with my Harley-Davidson Fat Boy hasn’t been as stellar. Quite a few sensors have failed over the past 5 years and I’ve had to take the motorcycle to the service station on more occasions that I would have liked. Like the Tiger, the Fat Boy has been rugged and has endured everything that I’ve put it through, including a 6,500 km ride around the Golden Quadrilateral. Just that the damn sensors keep going off like fire crackers a bit too frequently.

Apart from the spark plug, absolutely nothing has gone wrong with my Tiger, which is awesome given the pounding it has received on our horrible Indian roads. I’ve even dented the front alloy wheel slightly after I rammed it straight into a huge pothole at a not so very modest speed. I’ve dropped the adventure motorcycle a couple of times on trails and the SW-Motech and Barkbusters guards have done their job well. The motorcycle is built like a tank and is extremely reliable.

Two thumbs up from me for the motorcycle and immense gratitude to Shaman Triumph from Mumbai for supporting their customers in Goa with such dedication. Overall my Triumph experience has been stellar.