Noraly Schoenmaker – Itchy Boots

I’ve been following Noraly Schoenmaker as she rides her Royal Enfield Himalayan across some amazing landscapes around the world. She is from Holland and started her ride in India after she bought a Himalayan in Delhi. She rode to South East Asia and then shipped her bike to the Middle East. She is now riding through the “stans”.

What I find absolutely amazing is the way she is documenting her trip while she is on it. I can tell you from experience that isn’t an easy thing to do. Posting pictures on social media with short captions is easy. But creating videos after a long tiring day in the saddle requires a whole different level of dedication and perseverance.

I also like the level of detail in her videos. It gives viewers a deep understanding of things like border crossings, visas, permits, ferry crossings, parking, among other things. Its also the little interactions she has with locals which make her videos truly refreshing while adding a personal touch.

More than often I find people omitting stuff out of their videos just to make them short in order to cater to the short attention span of their viewers. If you are going to reduce a whole day’s ride to 15 seconds of rapid fire 5 second shots and throw a time lapse video and a couple of still pictures somewhere in between then I think you may be missing the whole point of documenting your travel. If I want to see a cinematic view of a particular part of the world I will pick from a range of documentaries readily available on the internet. As a fellow traveler I’m very interested in seeing lots of first person GoPro footage and selfie videos.


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