Project Hero Impulse Adventure – Engine Guard

Project Hero Impulse Adventure

The Hero Impulse comes with a crash guard that looks like a butterfly. It does the job most of the time. But since I’m planning to do some really crazy stuff with this bike I wanted some more protection, similar to the SW-Motech engine guard on my Tiger. Specifically I wanted to protect the engine as well as the side panels on the fuel tank.

Instead of fabricating something from scratch Prajhot Pednekar came up with this ridiculous idea of mating the old crash guard of my Royal Enfield Thunderbird with the stock crash guard of the Hero Impulse. At first I couldn’t even understand what he was talking about. But the metal wizard had already figured things out in his mind and was busy planning the execution.

Today morning he got down to work. I must say, the cross product of the two crash guards is something that could easily put the engineers at SW-Motech to shame. 🙂

This is Indian ingenuity at its best.










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