Project Hero Impulse Adventure – Seat

Project Hero Impulse Adventure

After riding Colt for 600 kms over the past two days I finally decided to have mercy on my tortured butt. This evening I had my seat specialist mate a Hero Honda Splendor seat with the stock Impulse seat and ended up solving a few problems.

I got the much needed extra cushioning which should make long distance touring less painful.

I can now sit as far behind on the seat as I want since the well on the rider seat has been eliminated with the new motocross style shape. The stock seat set up is a little uncomfortable for tall folks like me. The handlebar is too close to the body. So close that I had to push the pivoting Rox riders forward so that I could get some room. The riding position is much better now. I might even bring the Rox risers back to normal position.

I also widened the seat a little. The stock seat was just too narrow for my well endowed butt.

The motocross style seat has made a world of a difference to the riding position. The raised seating position makes it a little easier to stand up on the pegs and sit down on the seat repeatedly. I highly recommend modifying the seat like how I have.

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