Cheap Hero Impulse Parts

When Prajhot Pednekar was working on “adventurising” my Hero Impulse, I mentioned to him that I was planning on repainting the panels of the motorcycle as they were looking old. The motorcycle had been lying in a warehouse for more than four years and it was looking a little sad. Prajhot said something that wrecked my mind completely. He said, “Why spend money on painting the panels? Just buy new ones. It will be much cheaper.”

Today I visited my local Hero dealer and bought these body parts.

Front Fender: Rs 675.78
Front Visor: Rs 644.53
Shroud Right: Rs 316.41
Shroud Left: Rs 316.41
Muffler Protector: Rs 293.75
Rear Fender: Rs 69.53
Total: Rs 2,316.41

The side panels weren’t in stock and I’ve ordered them. But as you can see, for just INR 2,300 (USD 36) I have a whole new set of body parts for the Hero Impulse. Prajhot was right. The parts of the Impulse are so damn cheap, it makes sense to buy new ones than paint the ones you have.

I still can’t wrap my head around the cost of the Rear Fender. Its a decent sized plastic injection moulded part, but costs just 69 bucks. A blessed coffee at a decent coffee shop will cost more.