Read This If You Take Part In Facebook Quizzes


A piece of advice to all of you posting the results of Facebook quizzes about what their status will be in 10 years from now and other such stuff.

By allowing a third party app to access your Facebook account, you are essentially giving the app access to confidential information in your Facebook account. You have absolutely no idea who the developer of this app is and what they intend to do with your information.

If you value your privacy even a little bit, please stop using these third party Facebook apps and deactivate them from using their account. To do that go to Facebook Settings and then click on Apps. Remove all the apps that you don’t recognize and leave only those that are developed from respectable companies. For example, if you have set Instagram to post pics directly to your Facebook timeline, then you will see an entry for Instagram in the list of third party apps that have access to your Facebook account.

Giving apps access to information in your Facebook account is one thing. Allowing them to post stuff to your timeline is where things get really scary. After running the quiz the app posts the results directly to your Facebook timeline. This was possible because you gave the app permission to post stuff on your behalf.

Imagine you are travelling on a train and want to post something on Facebook. Your phone doesn’t have an internet connection but the stranger sitting across you does. Would you give him your Facebook password so that he can log in as you and post your status to your Facebook timeline for you? These apps could be fronts for porn sites which now have access to publish stuff to your account. You never know.

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