Registering a Drone in India

Eagle, my DJI Mavic Mini, has been registered on the Directorate General of Civil Aviation’s Digital Sky platform. I now have an OAN (Ownership Acknowledgement Number) and Eagle has a DAN (Drone Acknowledgement Number).

If you have a drone in India of any size or weight, even a toy one, you need to register it before 31st Jan 2020. So far you could only register a few drones on the Digital Sky platform. DJI wasn’t on that list, which made it pointless since most drones flying in India are made by DJI.

But now this second registration system allows you to register drones from any manufacturer. I think the purpose of this exercise is to figure out the scale of the problem before attempting to tackle it. 😬

Thankfully the registration process is pretty straightforward. You need to submit your details and that of the drone, upload some ID and address proof and images of the drone showing its size and serial number.

If you are planning to travel to India with your drone, I strongly recommend you register your drone before you fly it here.

Digital Sky link: https://digitalsky.dgca.gov.in/