Ride To Colvale Church

This nice and warming Sunday my nine year old boy Reuben and I decided to go for a ride. We decided to start with a good deed. We picked up a few dozen veg and non-veg patties from Baker’s Street in Porvorim and dropped them off at the St. Alex orphanage for girls in Calangute. In these easy times I believe its a good thing to regularly remind our children who have it all that there are others who don’t. I think even adults need that kind of a reminder every now and then.

We then proceeded to ride towards Mapusa, hit NH 17 and proceeded northwards. Reuben is just getting started riding with me and still hasn’t completely got the concept of riding aimlessly without knowing where we are going and for what purpose. I guess a few more rides should do it. 😉

As we were passing Colvale I turned left and proceed to the grand Colvale church where we spent some quality father-son time.

There is a nice spot behind the Colvale church overlooking the Chapora river from where you can see people dredging sand from the river bed the old way using rudimentary tools and brute force.

After spending some time at the Colvale church I turned the headlight of my Royal Enfield Thunderbird towards home and started riding back.

As I type this I’m sipping on some exquisite Urrack. Life is good. And I’m thankful for that. Enjoy your weekend everyone.