SW-Motech GPS Mount For Triumph Tiger 800

I’ve been using my Garmin nuvi 2567lm car GPS while riding my motorcycle by placing it in a handlebar mounted waterproof pouch. This set up has worked well for me, except that the pouch interferes with the tank bag and I can use both of them at the same time.

Also due to where the GPS is located (on the handlebar), the change in focus as well as direction as I look up and down every now and then is pretty drastic. While this isn’t that big a deal on highways, it becomes a problem while navigating through crowded cities. Ideally the GPS needs to be as high up as possible.

So I started looking for a tower for my Triumph Tiger 800 XRx to mount the GPS above the console. But instead of buying a tower I picked this neat little cockpit GPS mount and a waterproof bag to go with it. Both are high quality products by SW-Motech and are available at





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