SW-Motech Quick Lock Luggage System

Quite a few have asked me about the Quick Lock system that SW-Motech offers to quickly and easily secure and remove their top cases from their luggage racks. The magic lies in these three locks which are secured to the luggage racks using self tapping screws.


Here are the luggage racks for Tiger and Duke. Notice the three holes in the middle and the locks hiding under them.



The Quick Lock Adapter Plate is slotted into the luggage rack from the top.


The three locking pins of the adapter plate are then twisted using a screw driver or even a coin. I usually use the flat screw driver bit of my Swiss Army knife.


Once they are twisted, they lock into place and secure the adapter plate to the luggage rack.


That’s it! The top case then slots into the adapter place and locks into place.



To move the luggage system between the Tiger and the Duke or remove it completely and store it at home, I simply remove the top case, use my Swiss Army knife to twist and release the three locking pins and the adapter plate comes off within seconds. It’s a neat system and has been working well for me.

If you want you can leave the adapter plate on the luggage rack permanently. But then the plate will cover the holes of the luggage rack and you will not be able to strap a tail bag, a duffel bag or some other luggage when you are not using the top case. Also judging by how easy it is to remove the adapter plate, someone could pinch it off the motorcycle in an instant.


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