Ride Hard Or Stay Home

If you play with your toys hard enough you will end up breaking them. One of the SW-Motech quick release locks securing the top case adapter plate to the luggage rack snapped when I was busy jumping Stallion off speed breakers. In fact, I’m surprised how the locks held up for so long. I’ve been overloading the top case and riding the motorcycle on trails for quite a while now.


Thanks to Altaf Khalifa who came up with the idea of using a regular nut and bolt to secure the adapter plate to the luggage rack. This temporary solution survived the entire 1,110 km round trip to Chikmanglur.


I’ve ordered a set of locks as I don’t think the other two are going to be able to take the punishment for much longer. But I think I’ll need to find a permanent solution to this problem. Maybe fabricate stronger stainless steel locks to replace these stock SW-Motech ones.