Trail Riding Lesson

When riding a motorcycle up a trail you need to look ahead, pick a line and stick to it. If you find yourself in a sticky situation simply twist the throttle and gas your way out of it. All that sounds good in theory. But when you are on that motorcycle fighting a battle with a combination of gravity and traction you need to think fast and act quickly.

As I was riding Stallion up one of the peaks at Mulyanagiri in Chikmaglur all that textbook knowledge went out of the window when I saw a kid running down the hill towards me using the same line I had chosen. I panicked and lost the engine. Gravity took over and the heavy adventure motorcycle started sliding down the slope until it landed in a ditch. With some help from fellow trail rider Lionel Pereira I managed to get Stallion out of the ditch and proceeded to the top of the mountain.