Triumph Heritage Denim Riding Jeans

I bought Triumph’s Heritage Denim riding jeans even before I bought my Tiger. These come with DuPont kevlar armour pads that slide into internal pockets at the knees.

I used these jeans for a couple of months and one day when I was removing the armour pads before washing the jeans I was shocked to see that the both armour pads had torn. I hadn’t fallen down while riding. The maximum load these armour pads must have taken was me kneeling down at a camp fire or something.

I contacted Keerthi Triumph Bangalore and sent their merchandise guy a picture. He offered to replace them. That was around four months ago. After repeated reminders I finally got the replacement pads yesterday when I visited Keerthi Triumph in Bangalore.

I’m hoping the problem pads were from a bad batch or something and these replacement pads will work as advertised. I’m going to keep a close eye on them. I don’t like the sound of this.

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