Using GoPro’s The Remote to Control the GoPro Max

Previously I used GoPro’s Smart Remote to control my GoPro Hero 5 and 7. It was a very finicky piece of electronics, to put it mildly. It had a mind of its own and did whatever it wanted. It really frustrated me.

I bought the new remote from GoPro simply called “The Remote” to control my GoPro Max 360 camera. It comes with a convenient wristband. The battery lasts a very long time. So you can wear it the whole day without needing to charge it or plug it into a USB socket on your handlebar. The Remote allows me to turn the GoPro Max on and off, change modes, switch between front and rear cameras and of course, start and stop recording. All this without needing me to look at the camera or the remote. This is particularly useful when mounting the camera on my helmet or anywhere else on the motorcycle where I can’t see the camera’s LCD screen.