Visit To Motorcyclepedia Museum

Today I paid a visit to the Motorcyclepedia Museum in Newburgh, New York. The museum has over 750 motorcycles of all shapes, sizes and ages, mostly belonging to Gerald Doering, the owner of the museum. Years ago Gerald started collecting Indian motorycles, one for every year since they started production in 1901. Here are pictures of a few motorcycles that I found interesting.

These two Arlen Ness customs were exquisite. This is a 1978 Arlen Ness Custom Lowrider




1978 Arlen Ness Custom Lowrider - 4

1978 Arlen Ness Custom Lowrider - 5

This one is a 1976 Arlen Ness Custom called “Two Bad”






1976 Arlen Ness Custom (Two Bad) - 6

1976 Arlen Ness Custom (Two Bad) - 7

This is a 1970 Harley-Davidson custom chopper.

1970 Harley-Davidson custom chopper - 1

1970 Harley-Davidson custom chopper - 2

There were many choppers on display, mostly built off Harley-Davidson motorcycles. I found this particular one interesting. It has a Honda inline four engine mounted on a Harley-Davidson Softail frame and is aptly called “Softail Four”. The job on the read suspension is neat as well.

Softail Four - 1

Softail Four - 2

Softail Four - 3

There were also some totally outrageous motorcycles.

Outrageous - 1

Outrageous - 2

Outrageous - 3

There was a room full of stock motorcycles of different brands.

Other - 1

Other - 3

Other - 4

Other - 5

Other - 2

There was an entire section dedicated to Indian motorcycles. From the very first model in 1901 to the latest 2014 model and probably everything in between.

Indian - 1

Indian - 2

Indian - 3

Indian - 4

Indian - 5