Ride To Cape Cod

Today I rented a 2014 Indian Chief Vintage from EagleRider Boston and rode to Cape Cod and back. A total of around 400 kms in 6 hours. The Garmin Adventure is here.

I started at 9 am at the EagleRider office in Boston and headed south passing through downtown Boston. Judging by the look on people’s faces I gather they are not used to seeing an Indian riding an Indian in downtown Boston. 🙂


After crossing the Cape Cod canal I got off the highway and rode through the smaller towns of Cape Cod. I started with one called Sandwich. I rode along the winding roads of the beautiful country side till a town called Orleans where I joined the highway back again and proceeded to Cape Cod.

As I kicked out the side stand of the motorcycle at Cape Cod it struck me that I had ridden 200 kms without stopping anywhere for rest. That’s not normal for me. I usually stop every 80 to 100 kms. Maybe it was a combination of good roads, a smooth and refined motorcycle and beautiful scenery, I just kept going on and on without noticing.


There was nothing much to do at Cape Cod. This ride was more about the journey than the destination. So I took a few pictures and started riding back to Boston. I stuck to the highway on my return in order to make up time since I wanted to return the motorcycle back to EagleRider before they closed at 4 pm. I had rented the motorcycle for a day which meant that I could return it the next morning. I was tempted to keep the motorcycle overnight and ride some more, but ultimately decided against it.