Where The Road Ends – Book Review


Just finished reading “When the roads ends” by Dylan Wickrama. This motorcycle adventure book is very different from the others I’ve read and is extremely well written. All the other motorcycle adventure books I’ve read so far are about the rider starting the motorcycle at Point A and recounting happenings as he or she reaches Point B. In this case Point A is Panama City, Point B is a village on the western coast of Colombia and motorcycle is “ridden” over the waters of the Pacific Ocean. By that I mean, Dylan builds a raft and uses Bruce, his BMW R 1150 GS, to propel it across the Darien Gap, the section of the Pan American highway from Alaska to Argentina where there just isn’t any road.

The book is mainly about this raft voyage, although Dylan goes in flashback mode every now and then to describe his experiences riding Bruce around the world up until he got to Panama City. The story is absolutely amazing and is filled with situations where you think that here is where it is all going to end. But somehow something happens and Dylan gets over the problem at hand, sometimes using his skill and presence of mind and sometimes using the good wishes of the universe. His guardian angel had to work overtime to keep him alive. I’m pretty sure the poor chap must have resigned his position and sought for another assignment after Dylan’s ride around the world.

I would liken this story to that of David versus a bunch of Goliaths where David kept slaying one Goliath after another and then lived to tell the story.