Air Comfy Seat from Grand Pitstop

I’m trying out the Air Comfy Seat from Grand Pitstop. This is based on the Road Zeppelin air seat that I’ve been using for the past 6 years. The nice thing about it is you can adjust the softness using a hand pump and air release valve while riding the motorcycle. So you can leave it softer for highways and stiffer for bad or dirt roads.

The rubberized bottom fabric of my Road Zeppelin seat has aged and is starting to disintegrate. The rest of the air seat is just fine. Maybe I will replace the fabric with seat cover material. While searching for a replacement I came across this Air Comfy Seat on Amazon for just ₹2,000. The Road Zeppelin is three times this price. So I ordered one.

I haven’t gone on a long ride with it so far, but it seems like this air seat does the job just fine. Although this is a generic air seat, not designed for a specific motorcycle, you need to pay attention to the shape of your seat. The trough portion of my Tiger 800’s seat isn’t very deep and the seat is long. So this seat feels all right. But the seat of my BMW G310 GS is pretty deep and shorter. This results in my family jewels coming under undue pressure. Female riders shouldn’t have that problem though. 😬