My Alpinestars Toucans Finally Gave Way

After more than four years of rigorous torture, one of my Alpinestars Toucan adventure touring boots has finally opened its mouth to speak. The rest of the boot is perfectly fine. So if I can’t get an innovative cobbler to shut it’s mouth again I will buy another pair of Alpinestars Toucans.

Although these are adventure touring boots I’ve been mostly using them as MX boots. For adventure touring I’ve moved to a pair of high ankle Quechua trekking boots, mainly because I can wear them as regular boots and even travel using them, instead of filling half my suitcase with the Toucans. Ideally I should be using MX boots for my trail rides. But I prefer the greater comfort and flexibility of the adventure touring boots.

The Toucans ceased to be waterproof after two years, which doesn’t make much of a difference to me because I wear waterproof socks. In any case we ride through knee deep water. So water is going to enter into the boot from the top anyway. And now since the water can seep out on its own it saves me the trouble of draining out the water from the boots after every water crossing.