Desert Safari In Qatar

Qatar Airways didn’t have a good connection for me from Brussels to Goa at Doha. Which meant that I had to spend last night at Doha and take a late evening flight back home to Goa. That left me with a whole day to spend either locked up in my hotel room or to roam around Qatar, a tiny country about as large as my state of Goa. No prizes for guessing what I chose to do.

I booked myself for a desert safari and went exploring the Qatar desert. Here are some pictures.

The 4.5 litre petrol Toyota Land Cruiser. The wonderful thing about countries in the Gulf region is that the price of petrol and diesel is the same as the price of water. No kidding.

The hills in the background is Saudi Arabia

We ended up at a place called “The Camp” which is where the desert meets the gulf…

… and that gives rise to a beautiful beach

The most exciting part for me was the driving, although I didn’t do any. Here is a video I took while sitting in the co-driver’s seat while my experienced and crazy guide drove around the sand dunes.