Shooting In Las Vegas

Today I decided to some something crazy in Las Vegas. While picking up my bags at the airport last night I saw an advertisement enticing me to fire real machine guns. In India buying a simple fire arm involves jumping through hoops. Moreover, you need to convince the authorities that you really need one. Getting a machine gun is simply out of the question.

So this afternoon I set out to find the place, aptly called “The Gun Store“. You can fire more than 60 kinds of guns there. I selected a package called “The Coalition” where I got to shoot a Beretta M9 Pistol (20 shots), M4 Carbine (20 shots) and a M249 Light Machine Gun (40 shots). The place was so packed that the line of people extended out of the premises. I had to stand in the queue for almost two hours.

The Beretta

For someone who has has zero experience in using a fire arm I guess I good. 😉

The M4 Carbine

The M249 Light Machine Gun