Driving Supercars In Red Rock Canyon

TripAdvisor lists driving supercars in Red Rock Canyon among the top things to do in Las Vegas. A supercar is a term used to describe a very expensive and very fast sports car. I’m not that crazy about speed. But I couldn’t resist the urge to drive a supercar just to know what it feels like. So I booked a session online and showed up at the office of World Class Driving this morning.

We were first given a briefing by the instructors on what to expect from these cars and how these were very different from the normal cars that we were used to. Then we were introduced to the cars themselves:

I first stepped into the Lamborghini and drove it as slow as I could. Slow because if I stepped on the gas a little more than was necessary the damn thing would off like a rocket. We left the city and drove towards Red Rock Canyon where the roads were more open and there would be less traffic. One of the instructors drove a Corvette in front of us and was our pilot. We followed his instructions via radio and stayed together as a group.

The Lamborghini felt awesome. When the engine was idling I could barely hear or feel it. But when I raced the engine it sounded like someone had started an aircraft engine in the trunk of the car.



After driving for a while we we stopped and rotated drivers. Next I took the Ferrari and quickly realized that this car was nothing but raw power. It took me a while to get accustomed to the brake. It was like a feather touch. I hardly touched it and it would spring to action.



After driving a few more miles we made a second stop and rotated drivers again. This time I sat in the Jaguar. The interiors of this car were absolutely breathtaking, a world apart from those of the previous two sports car, which were more rugged. However, when I stepped on the pedal, she flew. Literally scared the crap out of me. I did a 0 to 70 MPH (that’s 0 to 110 KMPH) and it felt like I was taking off from a roller coaster. I don’t how many seconds she took to reach 70 MPH, but I was too scared to take her any faster.





The last car I drove was the Audi and she seemed to have a mind of her own. She seemed impatient. I had to drive her back into the city and her engine kept spitting away when I stopped her at red lights as if she wanted to jump the light and speed away.



Its not everyday that you get to drive four supercars. This was clearly the best thing I did on this trip to Las Vegas. Here are a few more pictures.20140112_124200