Fun With A Porsche Cayenne Diesel


Today I test drove the Porsche Cayenne diesel. It felt a bit sluggish in comfort mode. It took me 7 odd seconds to do a 0 – 100 kmph. The sports mode felt much quicker. The highway was too busy to put the SUV through its paces. So I got off the tarmac and trashed the SUV around in a barren field nearby while my younger son screamed his guts out in glee in the co-driver’s seat clinging onto the grab handles.

The way the Porsche handled itself in the field was amazing. I ended up under steering the shit out of the Cayenne in the small field and kicked up a dust cloud so big that I couldn’t see anything and had to eventually stop.

The sales executive sitting in the back seat was relieved when I told him, “Maybe we should head back to the showroom now”. Of course, my son thought otherwise and wanted me to plough the field all day. 🙂