Schuberth E1 Visor Fix

The rotary ratchet mechanism of the visor of my Schuberth E1 helmet turned loose with age and the visor started flipping down automatically due to the wind even at slow speeds (20 kmph). So I replaced the mechanism and that fixed the problem for a year, after which the visor started flipping down automatically again. I saw no point in replacing the rachet mechanism again. So using some double-sided 3M tape and a velcro strip I came up with this solution.

I have tested this fix up to 120 kmph and the visor stays raised. Of course, at 120 kmph, the raised visor catches a lot of wind and causes the helmet to rattle. I just wanted to test if the velcro would hold at that wind speed and it did. I prefer to ride with the visor lifted when it’s hot. I don’t want my head to get cooked inside the helmet. The air vents are supposed to let air pass through the helmet. But in reality, they are practically useless. Nothing beats the airflow that a raised visor offers.

The best part of this fix is that I can secure the visor up or release it from the velcro while riding using just my left hand. So while riding, if I come across a dusty patch and I want to drop down my visor, I just release the velcro and the visor slaps shut. Later I raise the visor and secure it with the velcro strip.