Beautiful Balancing Boulders Of Hampi

One of the popular landmarks in Hampi is the Sisters Stones. These are two huge boulders leaning on each other by the side of a road. The right stone had previously developed a crack . In March 2011, it finally broke into pieces. One of the pieces stayed wedged at the top.



This is how the beautiful landscape of Hampi came to be. Over millions of years, the soil between the huge volcanic rocks eroded away, The sandy wind polished the boulders like a sandpaper giving them their smooth round look. Extreme temperatures wrecked havoc with the structure of the boulders and they broke into pieces. Most of them rolled down the hills. While some managed to stay perched in the most interesting of ways.






Roaming around Hampi today, my boys and I felt as if we had been transported to a different planet.