How Not To Make A Marketing Video

OK, so the folks at Royal Enfield​ are in full CYA (Cover Your Ass) mode today. Here is their template response to the broken foot peg in the CS Santosh​ promo video I posted earlier.

“It’s the torture testing of a prototype, no aspect has been left untouched to give you exactly what you want. We pursued quality to deliver the promise of endurance. This testing proved to us that if you land from a jump that’s 6ft above ground, the footpeg could break, so we made it better and did it all over again and again before we broke out with the #Himalayan.”

Bullshit! This is a marketing video. If you are really interested in showing “torture testing” in a marketing video, then you should show the foot peg break. Then cut to a scene of an engineer redesigning the foot peg on a computer. Then finally show the rider doing the same jump again without the foot peg breaking. In a marketing video you don’t show something break and leave it at that. Specially if you are a company that is notorious at building motorcycles that break.

And since we are talking about jumping the Himalayan, check out this still from another video the company released. Skip to 2:31.


The rear bottomed out completely. What’s the use of a 21 inch front tyre if the engine sump is going to plough into the ground every time you jump the motorcycle. And this wasn’t even a 6 foot jump. Royal Enfield Marketing had better start publishing videos that show their product in good light.