Project Hero Impulse Adventure – Windshield

Project Hero Impulse Adventure

I have upgraded to the taller windscreen on my Tiger and had the stock windscreen lying in my garage. So I decided to see if it would fit my Impulse. Prajhot Pednekar used the original front mounting bracket of the Tiger and fabricated a couple of metal strips to secure the sides of the windshield to the Impulse’s from fairing mounting bolts.

We were shocked to see the result. It looked like the windshield was designed specifically for the impulse. The front bottom V shape blended perfectly with the Impulse’s V shaped headlight.


I really don’t need a windshield on the Impulse. It’s not like I’m going to be riding the bike at 140 kmph. This is purely an aesthetic addition to the motorcycle. But I quite like it. 🙂



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